Stalwart Consulting, lead by Kelli Hartsock, specializes in consumer food, hospitality, lifestyle and travel communications. 

Everything you need to know about Stalwart is in the definition of the name: Strong, Uncompromising and Valiant. Stalwart works closely with clients to  strategically tell their authentic stories to media and target audiences. 

From kick-off to wrap-up, Stalwart is positioned as extended arm of clients businesses, and works closely with their teams to identify unique voices and develop them as reputable thought leaders among media, consumers and like-minded industry leaders. 

Whether your business is a national CPG brand, local restaurant, lifestyle agency, or beyond, Stalwart will work closely with you to help achieve your communications goals by building a reputable strategy that manifests with respected media and influencers, and connects with your target audiences in a meaningful way. 

So, what's your story? Let's tell it together.



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